Cose di Ceppeto

   In the hills of Leonardo Da Vinci

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The symbology of the past
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The farm
In the pedocollinating frame of the “Hills of Leonardo”, in the south-western area of ​​the Montalbano of Lamporecchio, there is the Fattoria di Ceppeto, probably originally from the first of 1150 DC6 in fact the historian Emanuele Recepts publishes in its geographical Tuscan dictionary, published in 1860 ca, a card about Lamporecchio Porciano, in which the exact annotations are: “- Porciano is a small village that gave the word to a parish church (S. Giorgio a Porciano) in the pop-up community and about one and a half miles a Grecale di Lamporecchio, jurisdiction of Cerreto Guidi, Diocese of Pistoja, compartment of Florence.
Sits on the southern side of Monte Albano, at a summit placed between the yoke of S. Baronto and that of S. Alluccio.
The bishops of Pistoja had a lordship until the Emperor Brass III in 1198 confirmed to one of those prelates among the other things the villa of Ronco with Porciano, and that of Ceppoeto at Lamporecchio. In fact, the villa of Ronco is reminded among the possessions of the Pistojese episcopal canteen until from the year 756 in a membrane of the Monastery of S. Bartolomeo in Pistoja “.
It is with the eighteenth century that the territory takes on, with the agricultural and architectural accommodations, the connotations preserved up to date.
The manor house with its garden with aromatic essences, great redwoods, Limonaia; The rural houses, inhabited by the peasants on the first floor and by courtyard on the ground floor, with their wood-fired ovens; The opows like mills, crushers and sawmills, allocated along the Gorra where a source of energy ran, competed to create a mechanism capable of being autonomous and that was grafted into the natural context without altering the ecosystem. From here the fundamental principle is born with which you interact with the environment. Follow the beauty. The beautiful as good. “The olive tree when you pota must be nice, to produce more!” With the aim of harmonizing the territory to beauty, the hard survival has always focused, leaving behind the most precious heritage, Tuscany.

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Cose di Ceppeto  –  via Ceppeto 92   –  51035  Lamporecchio Pt   –  Toscana   –